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A physical drama introduction to clowning. Lecoq Based with reference to commedia, cirque, Brecht, shakespeare and silent cinema.



A physical theatre movement workshop based on participants own and observed movement, stereotypes, attitudes and  tempo-rhythym.



Improvisation games and activities designed to encourage fun, play and creativity. This is a fun,  active workshop and is predominantly lecoq based.



This workshop combines warm-up, movement, breathing and exercise based activities  to help develop fitness and physical awareness. Created for London 2012 Olympics.



 We explore  space, touch, smell, sight, sound. This is a fun expressionist theatre workshop focusing on the senses. Suitable for anyone.



This is a story and mime workshop useful for exploring history and generating discussion. It features narrative replay, physical representation and figurative mime. It uses elements developed by Augusto Boal and Jacques lecoq.



We begin with the latest news or a particular factual story and work from there to explore, discuss and develop ideas through drama. This workshop would support work on Brecht or Boal and is great for looking at current and historic events.



We begin with an object or artwork, then explore it in context  through storytelling and drama. Based on Image Theatre concepts this is an accessiable and fun, creative way of introducing and interpreting exhibits and artefacts.




Participants create a narrative based on real life events-we look at all aspects of the event from as many perspectives as possible in order to break down barriers, pre- conceptions and prejudice. We can look at historical or contemporary events.

These workshops are available as 2 hour introductions or to form a full term of work.


These workshops are based on the work we do.



Clown School




Physical Theatre




'Playing the fool'



Drama workout -exercise the body and mind




Developing Sensory Awareness




Devised Theatre 1- The imaginative Journey




Devised Theatre 2-Newspaper Theatre and Politics





Image Theatre-Art and artefact





Documentary Theatre

Drama Workshops



We offer many practitioner, play & subject workshops suitable for schools and venues.


School Drama Workshops

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