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Forum Theatre is a 'theatre without walls'. It takes many forms and we use it in many ways but it's most commonly designed to highlight specific issues or problems in order to find solutions to them. To begin it feels quite like any other theatre production as the audience watch a short sketch. This sketch is always thought provoking and embedded with discussion points and difficulties to be dealt with at every turn. Where Forum differs from standard theatre or TIE is that the piece is then played again but this time the audience, with the help of a facilitator, take an active role, stopping and changing the play when a better course of action could have been employed. By re-working the sketch in this way, the audience can fix each point in turn and as they do so, issues can be debated, ideas shared and solutions explored.  Forum unearths issues, which can then be discussed more thoroughly in smaller breakout groups and through role-play.


Theatre Without Walls have been heavily influenced by the work of Augusto Boal and even in our non-forum work we use a great many forum theatre techniques. We have been producing forum productions and projects since our inception and even our name 'Theatre Without Walls' derives from the concepts and ideals of Forum.



We can create  issue specific productions and workshops and longer project options for many issues and for all ages/year groups as well as for INSET / Staff training.


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